Feasibility Dispute (2021) (18mins) was made as an intervention into the COP26 climate conference and as a contribution to ongoing climate struggles.

It was shown alongside our poster artwork at the Deep End, Glasgow, from 3rd-5th November 2021, as well as in the Glasgow Film Theatre on November 8th as part of the COP Coalition’s People’s Summit for Climate Justice program. There, it was followed by a panel discussion with energy historian Simon Pirani and scientist and writer Liam Shaw. 

It focuses on the role of science in allowing us to understand and overcome the climate crisis. We start from a commitment to support science and scientists through a materialist analysis of their practice. 

Remembering the Paris Commune (2021) (9 mins) was the product of a series of reading group meetings leading up to the eponymous event’s 150th anniversary. The collaboration took a video format since this enabled a combinatory use of media that could reflect the varying capacities of our group. The film presents a history of the Paris Commune through themes of democracy, women’s liberation, internationalism, iconoclasm, political mourning and remembrance. This subject matter made it appropriate for the rs21 website to host the work alongside an article on the life of Eugéne Pottier. It provides an introduction to an historical event that we believe has an enduring relevance for today.