Event: No Permission for Demolition! Anniversary Party for Stop HDV (2/09/23)

After a year and a half of protest and campaign work, a £2 billion redevelopment project that would have demolished hundreds of council houses across North London was defeated.

The 17th of July 2018 was a five year anniversary of sorts, the date when Haringey council cabinet met and finally voted to award no contract in relation to the ‘Haringey Development Vehicle’ project. This decision marked another success in the longstanding tradition of community organising in the borough of Haringey.
Our Collective worked with some of StopHDV’s original campaigners to organise a free community event aiming to celebrate housing justice and anti-gentrification activism, with music, poetry and talks.

Zine: International Workers Memorial Day (28/04/23):

A mini-zine produced for International Workers Memorial Day 2023, distributed at May Day demonstration events in London and Glasgow. Copies freely available on request

Event and Films: Spectres Haunting (30/10/22):

MayDay Rooms, 6:30-9pm, Halloween Event, FREE (by donation)

Online exhibition can be viewed here

Poetry, Talk, Performance, and a new pamphlet ‘Workers’ Inferno’ launched by the collective, plus walking tour starting at St.Brides Church 5-6.30pm. Fancy dress encouraged.

Screening of two new films: ‘Blood Disorder QEII’ and ‘All the World Needs a Jolt’.

Live/filmed work from: Rob Kiely, Pil and Galia Kollectiv, Esther Leslie, Dolly Rae Star, Cut-Through Collective

Pamphlet: Workers’ Inferno (30/10/22):

WORKERS’ INFERNO physical pamphlet (£5) available on request


Event: Anti-Jubilee Party, Scrap the Monarchy! (03/06/2022):

A free open air event to clash with the Platinum Jubilee, with a programme of music, puppetry, comedy, spoken word/sound poetry, open mic. We said: the jubilee’s obnoxious pomp is a provocation to anyone who’s aware we’re in a global cost of living crisis.


Bat020, Amor Bendito, Don Biswas, Sophie Carapatian, Andrew Cooper, Justin Katko, Rob Keily, MontenegroFisher, The National Rail [Pil, Galia & Kai Kollectiv], Allan Struthers and Amy McGourty (comperes) Badge/Sticker Design: Tom Bifkin Filming: Úna O’Sullivan and Corie McGowan

Press: MyLondon, Joe, BBC 5-Live ⬇

Chaotic Digital Flyer:

For this event we helped raise funds towards South Asia Solidarity Group’s important campaign to support communities resisting the Modi regime’s genocidal bulldozer demolitions.

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Film: Feasibility Dispute (2021) (18mins) was made as an intervention into the COP26 climate conference and as a contribution to ongoing climate struggles.

It was shown alongside our poster artwork at The Deep End, Glasgow, from 3rd-5th November 2021, as well as in the Glasgow Film Theatre on November 8th as part of the COP Coalition’s People’s Summit for Climate Justice programme. There, it was presented as part of a panel discussion titled, Defending Scientific Practice From Its Exploiters, with members of the collective, energy historian Simon Pirani and scientist and writer Liam Shaw. 

It focuses on the role of science in allowing us to understand and overcome the climate crisis. We start from a commitment to support science and scientists through a materialist analysis of their practice. 

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Film: Remembering the Paris Commune (2021) (9 mins) was the product of a series of reading group meetings leading up to the eponymous event’s 150th anniversary. The collaboration took a video format since this enabled a combinatory use of media that could reflect the varying capacities of our group. The film presents a history of the Paris Commune through themes of democracy, women’s liberation, internationalism, iconoclasm, political mourning and remembrance. This subject matter made it appropriate for the rs21 website to host the work alongside an article on the life of Eugéne Pottier. It provides an introduction to an historical event that we believe has an enduring relevance for today.